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Craig Rainey

Craig Rainey (1962 - ) is an American film actor, author, screenwriter, and musician. He was born in San Angelo, Texas and lives in Austin. His Texas roots hail back to the original Impresario settlers of Coahuila y Tejas under Stephen F. Austin. He is a military veteran, sales trainer and motivational speaker, and he cowboyed professionally in south Texas. His fiction novels include Massacre at Agua Caliente, Stolen Valor, a Carson Brand Novel, and Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel. His non-fiction sales training book, The Art of Professional Sales, Handbook for the Career Seller, was released October 2020. As a screenwriter, his scripts have won numerous awards at film festivals including: Best Narrative Period Piece, Most Likely to be Produced as a Movie, and was Official Selection for many more. Craig Rainey won Best Breakout Writer for the script Massacre at Agua Caliente.


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Read this sales training book today - Sell like a professional tomorrow Selling can seem difficult and filled with rejection. It becomes easy and the prospective customer will welcome your help if you are important to helping them make a decision. Working straight commission is frightening unless you have an easily learned, constantly practiced technique. This brief manual on professional sales can be learned easily, quickly and without becoming a psychologist in the process. Mastering the art of sales takes time. Wouldn't it be nice to make a good living while you do?

Chapter 1

As a professional seller, you must define the terms of your relationship with the buyer. You must position the relationship as one of professional mutual interest, based upon a mutual benefit.

Chapter 2

Professional Seller understands the need for the service he or she provides. The buyer opposes salespeople because of a preconceived notion that salespeople are innately devious and distrustful.

Chapter 3

If cold calling is your method, there are techniques you must know to penetrate the protective screen - the Buyer Defense Mechanism - with which businesses and homeowners surround themselves.

Chapter 4

Your time with the buyer is valuable to you and the buyer. Make no mistake, when you arrived, you punched a time clock. You have only a limited amount of time to make your points and leave.

Chapter 5

Never sling mud at the competition. The buyer expects this, and it is a trap he or she has set to help eliminate bidders. Remember: What the seller says, the buyer tends to doubt

Chapter 6

Cold calling is the most difficult, and the most technical skill in the sales industry. Add One-Call-Closing to the load, and the seller is faced with an arduous climb indeed.

The Art of Professional Sales by Craig Rainey

The Art of Professional Sales

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this book has all the potential to be among the classics written by legends like Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar.


This is the most valuable book in my collection. Craig Rainey breaks down the most complex tasks in sales to a fundamental level.

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Art of Professional Sales more than doubled my sales numbers. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make sales their career.


Craig Rainey makes the timeless tools in professional sales easy and fun. Wow!

Sales Dynamo

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In the days of the warring tribes of the highlands, only a handful of hardy nomads traveled a strange and forbidding land. One of these, a battle-hardened band of travelers, made their way into a vast wilderness.


My wife and I were at a dinner party with a very dear friend of ours and her husband. she is probably the most devoted fan to my writing of anybody that I know.


Yellowstone, it’s just taking the country by storm. It’s funny. I was looking at Rotten Tomatoes and the 1st season, which came out in 2018,


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